• Egypt

    In Egypt the holy sites of the Pharaohs merge with the masterpieces of Islamic art; the rich Greek-roman sites are flanked by the wonders of art Coptic-Christian: minarets and bell towers, obelisks and Roman columns, Greek theaters and schools of Sufis. Merger and contrasts are accompanied by the colors and scents of the bazaar. The capital Cairo with his impressive skyline is the image of the country. Here stands the Great Pyramid of Cheops the only of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. Cruising along the Holy River Nile is the best way to discover the temples and tombs of Luxor, the protected sites of Aswan till the famous Temples of Abusimbel in the Nubia. Egypt will offer you the adventure of the desert and it's Oasis like Siwa, the underwater marvelous beauties of the Red Sea with its colored coral reefs populated by multi-color fishes, turtles and dolphins. These spectacular sceneries and impressive archaeological sites are the largest World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO, the cradle of an ancient civilization that is the beginning of all Stories.

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  • Emirates

    United Arab Emirates means simply Excitation and Greatness. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja and the East Costar the perfect combination of cultural visits between traditional souks and modern architecture, nights out with entertainment, the best of the cuisines in the most exclusive restaurants and a lot of great shopping. Here you can see unique architectural projects, never seen before: sports stadium hosting the most prestigious cups and events in the world, mega commercial towers and palace hotels with no equivalent on earth. But still that is not enough to describe a trip to this area. We must mention the luxurious Spas, beaches of dream over the Persian Gulf and the masterpiece which are the golden dunes of the desert of the Empty Quarter. Emirates are the destination of the future where something new and different happens every so often, the fastest growing one in the region and visitors will be granted to see concepts as ambitious, record-breaking, and, Staggering, In all its corners.

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  • Oman

    Meeting point between Asia and Africa, the Sultanate of Oman is a mountainous country surrounded by deserts that overlooks the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The capital city of Muscat, the wad Sand Mountains, the desert of endless sand dunes, and small villages are the guardians of the myth of Arabia Felix and the fascinating nature of the Sultanate, as well as keepers of the secrets of incense. The Incense Route was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It starts in Salalahand goes through the beautiful landscape of plains, mountains and emerald green pastures, where grows the tree of incense of Dhofar.Further along the coast till the ruins where according to legend lived the Queen of Sheba. Almost as if suspended in time, Oman opens to the future with an eye to its fascinating traditions and aware of its precious natural heritage of dolphins, whales and sea turtles and lot more, to be protected

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  • Jordan

    Petra, the world wonder, is with no doubts the jewel of the Kingdom of Jordan and the greatest touristic attraction. The vast unique Nabataea city, totally carved into the rocks was the most important junction for the silk spice and other trade routes linking China, India and Oman to the great civilizations of Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome. Amman the capital is a modern city built on the sand of times, between the desert and the Jordan Valley. Purple and mustard rock walls that change color hues at sunset, narrow canyons that open onto enchanting scenery, the cathedrals of limestone, wild pistachio forests, mountains with streaks of bright green malachite and the water and the salt of the therapeutic Dead Sea, the spectacular dunes of WadiRum, all this combined with the generosity, friendship and hospitality of the Bedouin culture. A country rich in history and archeology, but above all a country that is turning into a network of nature reserves and luxury lodge with zero impact. The eco-tourism is the new Jordanian border.

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  • Holy land
    Holy land

    Holy land lies in the coastal plain of the Eastern Mediterranean and extends inland to an arid desert region having as eastern border the Jordan Valley. The old route of the pilgrimages starts in Jerusalem, the Holy City and continues to Bethlehem for the Church of the Nativity. Magical places, territories of the soul, lunar landscapes, dreamscapes in the wilderness that inspired the great prophets. But this is only an aspect of the country and it cannot be forgotten the crazy amazing role represented by Tel Aviv. Cultured, fashionable and exuberant was named the friendliest city in the world thanks to its perfect climate, lovely beaches and a great nightlife between pubs, cafés and clubs. "Any journey is first of all a journey of mind" and no other country like Holy land can be a place for the soul taking you through the most important sites of our Faith. country like Holy land can be a place for the soul taking you through the most important sites of our Faith.

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